'Pre-Chess' is a program of chess-themed activities for ages 3-5. Kids will love learning about the board, pieces, and how they move; as well as playing games that support those areas most necessary to the cognitive development of a budding chess master, such as memory and pattern recognition! It has been developed in collaboration with pre-school teachers to help ensure that we stay focused on children's developmental needs, while bringing them fun, play-oriented activities. With a focus on the fundamental ideas which lay at the heart of sport (and chess especially!), like turn-taking and sportsmanship, Pre-chess is an appetite-whetting introduction to chess and an adventure your child will never forget! 

Group Sessions

For information on where group sessions will be held and how you can join please contact us.


Much as in life, chess requires an analytical approach to decision-making; this systematic process of thought helps students to hone in on principled moves and incrementally improve the quality of their play. For beginners, coaches will guide students through the basic rules and piece movements before starting to look at the fundamental ideas which guide decision-making as we progress through a game. Through study, play and analysis, students will learn the tactics, strategies and techniques of the masters, developed over centuries of play.

Group Sessions and Private Tuition

Learn and practice in a structured group or private environment. Classes are themed according to level with syllabuses that cover beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. Please contact us for information on your nearest group session.

Summer Camps

 Set to be a fun filled introduction to the wonderful world of chess for beginner players, our focus will be on learning the basic rules of how pieces move and what functions they can carry out; the fundamental ideas behind our plans, along with some basic tactical ideas.


Students who enroll on our summer camp can expect:

  • To l

    earn about the board and how to use coordinates

  • Meet and learn all about the pieces 

  • Improve memory, concentration and pattern recognition skills

  • Understand

    sportsmanship and its place in sport

To book your child's place, please contact us now!