Brain Academy is an innovative educational provider of extra-curricular classes for ages 3yrs and up.

Our specially designed classes let young minds grow and flourish by learning about phonics, maths and science through activities like chess. This forms a foundation of understanding that can be built on through school and further classes giving your child that much sought after advantage. 

"We can't wait to expand your child's mind and help them learn about the world!"


The brains behind Brain Academy:

Oliver Conran
Founder and Chess Teacher

Oliver Conran has always had a vision to help children learn through structured play. Oliver's passion for teaching is one of the reasons Brain Academy is proving to be one of the fastest growing activity clubs in Hong Kong. Oliver is a chess fanatic and soon realised the potential of teaching through the ancient strategy game. 

Andrew Spires

Father of two Andrew Spires was born in England and grew up on a farm. His experience with teaching kindergarten children helped shape the unique and tailored curriculum providing a fun and energetic
learning environment.